My name is Nisa Patikarnmonthon. Currently, I am the lecturer in the Department of Biotechnology, Faculty of Science, Mahidol University (since May 2014). My research area is the nanobiotechnology, focused on the polymer-based system to provide delivery of biomolecules for both industrial and medical applications. I’m now working on the dextran-based polymeric carrier (with the method of dextran modification by Assist. Prof. Pranee Inprakhon) to use for peptide delivery in collaboration with Prof. Watanalai Panbangred.

I completed my PhD in Biomedical Science from the University of Sheffield, Sheffield, UK in 2014. At that time, I was under supervision of Prof. Giuseppe Battaglia (now in UCL) with the thesis entitled “PMPC-PDPA polymersomes-mediated siRNA delivery”.


Battaglia's group xmas lunch 2013

My PhD work is involved with the delivery of small interfering RNA into human cell, in order to inhibit the expression of the target gene by using PMPC-PDPA, the self-assembled pH sensitive block co-polymer as a carrier. I’ve been working in the multi-disciplinary environment with various collaborators expertise in cell biology, physics, chemistry and medical biology.


Macro conference 2010 @Glasgow
Macro conference 2010 @Glasgow

The areas of my expertise are including animal cell culture, cell uptake, cell imaging, transfection techniques and nanoparticle formation. During the first year of study, I was part of the team of the antibody encapsulation in polymeric vesicles [1]. Later on, I joined the group for the development of the new encapsulation technique for biomacromolecules by using electroporation, the commonly used technique in molecular biology [2].



You can find some more information about my previous work in Publications section. And feel free to contact me (at if you require any further information.