“Gii: Tuna freshness”

Thai Union Group and Faculty of Science, Mahidol University set up the Global Innovation Incubator (Gii) for the conducting innovative research and technology for tuna and seafood-related products. Gii consists of six major platforms, including:

  • Platform Project 1 (Fundamental Studies of TUNA)
  • Platform Project 2 (Health & Wellness Benefits from TUNA)
  • Platform Project 3 (New Processing Technology)
  • Platform Project 4 (Co-products Science and Technology)
  • Platform Project 5 (Sensory properties of tuna products and consumer research)
  • Platform Project 6 (Perfect TUNA product research and development)

I’m now working as co-project investigator in collaboration with Assoc.Prof Sittiwat Lertsiri (PI) and Dr. Panwajee Payongsri (co-PI) in the Platform Project 1, in the project of investigating the parameter involved the freshness of Tuna.